Truck Bed Dividers

SpacePac™ –From shipping cartons, groceries and nursery plants, to picnics and shopping bags, plus lots of stuff in between -

SpacePac™ …you’re gonna need it!

Welcome to Merikor Enterprises, your online source for pickup truck cargo gate bed dividers. The original, movable, cargo gate bed divider for pickup trucks. The patented SpacePac™ cargo gate bed divider system makes it possible for you to partition your pickup truck bed, so that lightweight, household and sundry items can be placed, and contained in the partitioned area – and, there is no hardware installation required! It’s unique, affordable, practical – and way cooler than a bungee cord!

SpacePac™ is available in seven different sizes to fit most pickup truck beds including: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and many others.

An exclusive offer – direct from the manufacturer: Just $114.95 plus shipping and handling.

The SpacePac™ truck cargo gate bed divider is patented, and sold exclusively by Merikor Enterprises, and only through the internet.

Rock solid warranty, plus a thirty day money back return policy.

SpacePac™ is also a great gift idea for any pickup owner.